Welcome to the bipolar world of Somerset-based playwright and performer, Richard Crowe. Here, things can be a little ‘up and down’. So, if you’re wearing a hat, hold onto it.

Over the Wall was established in 2018 as the production arm for work created and generated by Richard, starting with his one-man-show, Over the Wall Picking Apples, which has now toured extensively in Somerset and the South West of England (plans to mount the ‘Urban Tour’ are currently on-hold until we can return to ‘live’ theatre).

Over the Wall Picking Apples – photograph by Paul Blakemore

While the virus is proving to be a problem for us all, there’s still much can be done, and you’ll find plenty of evidence here of how Richard and other artists have been adapting to a creative life online.

There’s also been some organisational development work going on and now, March 2021, Over the Wall has become Over the Wall Productions CIC, largely thanks to input from new Production Manager and all round super-star, Pauline Burr. Between us, we’ll be growing the skills-base of the organisation, its fundraising activities and, slowly but surely, its capacity.

Please use the easy-to-navigate menu at the top of the page to find out more about Richard’s work, including plans for the future. You’ll also find useful stuff about all the people and organisations Richard has collaborated with over the past few years. Somerset, as you will discover, is full of really creative people with great ideas.


7 Shapwick Road Westhay Glastonbury BA6 9TU

Company Number: 13270726

Registered in England and Wales

Directors: Richard Crowe and Pauline Burr

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