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The Owl Man

The latest production from writer, Richard Crowe and Over the Wall Productions is a celebration of survival and life.

It brings together Ben Sutcliffe and Zaid Al-Rikabi of The Peoples’ String Foundation with Latvian artist, Hardy Gru, Director, Ged Stephenson, and a cast of talented actors to tell the story of The Owl Man.

This collaborative piece of theatre is based on the true stories of two Walters: Walter Strachan, a teacher, poet and art historian and Walter Spitzer, a holocaust survivor and, through his art, a leading witness to its horrors.

The story is told through the eyes of Strachan’s young pupil. A staircase hung with images of owls transports him to another time – a world where mankind is divided and brutalised by war – and inspires him to investigate the tale of two men brought together by their common humanity and passion for art.

‘To all those murdered children who can no longer speak, I lent them my pencils and brushes’ Walter Spitzer


An extra outing for


at The Rondo Theatre, St Saviours Rd, Bath BA1 6RT

Happily married with a lovely house on the Somerset levels, Richard could have settled down to life as a withy weaver, cider maker or llama farmer. But then the fish tank started singing to him – the same song, over and over, day after day…

… it was enough to drive him mad!

This is the story of Richard’s response to all this. His admission into the mental health service, a diagnosis of bipolar, medication (the highs, the lows) and making sense of a lifetime lived over the wall picking apples.

Join Richard on his emotional roller-coaster as he squares up to the frightening, the furious, and the funny sides of mad.

“A brilliantly written and performed show.” Disability Arts Online