Creative Partnerships and Financial Support

These are some of the exciting people and organisations I’ve been working with over the past couple of years. Definitely look forward to working with them again in the future, as well as with new partners.

Nick White and Wassail Theatre Company – they call him ‘Mr Somerset’. He’s the powerhouse. A rock. He wouldn’t know what a day off looked like if you stuck it on a stage in front of him and made it sing.

Deb Richardson and Somerset Film – I’ve had links with Somerset Film for over twenty years now. They have a great attitude that can be summed up in one word: ‘yes’. Always up for the challenge!

Andy Collyer – roll over Roy Wood, Andy is the real wizard. He can make anybody’s baby jive. Genius is not the word.

Ged Stephenson – you have to see his Bottom to know what a good actor and fine comic Ged is. Excellent director too. We’re very lucky to have him in Somerset. Darlington’s loss, as they say…

Emma Bettridge – Emma is my consultant producer and this is Red. They don’t go far without each other, which means Red and me (and Binx) will be seeing a lot of each other this year (2021). That can only be a good thing (for Binx too, she loves Red).

Viv Gordon, photograph by Kim Von Coels

Viv Gordon – I was an egg once. Incubating. Then Viv said I’d cracked it. Fried, poached, scrambled – it was Viv gave me the confidence and the self-belief to go on. What else can you say?

Matthew Emeny and Calf 2 Cow – neurodiverse people unite, you have nothing to lose but your brains. That’s us, Matt and I, neurodiverse. So we’re making some stuff together, feels the right thing to do. I only met him in May and that was on Zoom…

Leela Bunce and Shoe Box Theatre – Leela is ‘a laughter and joy maker’ who often has a small child climbing over her head. She is the taller half of Shoe Box Theatre. The other half is Ged. As well as being a superlative clown and physical performer, Leela is a wonderful actor. I’m really enjoying working with her.

Abby Forknall Young and Tall Tails Theatre Company – I’ve really missed the wonderful Abby this last year. We should have been on tour together, but C19 put a stop to all that. We’ve stayed in some real dives, drunk in a few too, and we’re still friends! The other half of Tall Tails is her other half, Richard. Both a couple of superheros.

Kasha Miller – with an eye for a great design and a fab photo, but happy to just get stuck in and graft, Kasha is a great asset for any team

CICCIC, Taunton – a great venue and gallery space with an inspiring music programme. Gave me my first gig with Over the Wall. Forever grateful for that!

The Lyric Theatre, Bridport – a fantastic resource for theatre makers, full of character and real charm. Thank you Niki McCretton for your generosity and inspiration.

The Brewhouse, Taunton – and I have a special relationship, first when I was arts officer for Taunton Deane (as it was then), then as a board member and the chair. Good to be working with The Brew now as a writer and performer.

Bridgwater Arts Centre – the reason I’m in Somerset. The best move I ever made. A real pleasure to be back in BAC for our recent production of In Search of Cinderella.

The David Hall, South Petherton – a little gem in the heart of South Somerset. The venue we first did a ‘sharing’ of Over the Wall.

Strode Theatre – here’s hoping Strode, and all our venues in Somerset, have a vibrant future when coronavirus is over.

Arts Council England – where would we be without them. Thanks guys!

Somerset West and Taunton – great to see a local authority taking a real interest in theatre and the arts again. That’s what I call visionary.

Somerset Community Foundation

Take Art / BARN – real support for new theatre makers in county