The New Normal: Where’s that to…?


A series of podcasts between theatre makers and venue managers looking at the ways COVID-19 has affected their practice. The positives. The negatives. And everything between.

What are we doing differently and how much of that do we want to retain and develop when theatres re-open?

The series will culminate with a discussion led by Emma Bettridge, to include all the participants from the series, looking ahead to the changes we need to make to ensure better representation of our work, strengthen our working relationships (venues/theatre makers/ agencies/funders) and make our industry fit for purpose?

15th March – AVAILABLE NOW – TWO OLD JAZZ HANDS – GED STEPHENSON, a seasoned theatre practitioner, and ROBIN PETERS, manager of Strode Theatre in Street (for their full biographies, click on the buttons below)

22nd March – AVAILABLE NOW ON JOHN TRAVOLTA & DESTINY – DEB RICHARDSON, producer at Somerset Film, talks to MATT EMENY, writer, actor and film maker

29th March – AVAILABLE NOW THE POST-SHOW BLUES – ZAID AL-RIKABI, musican, actor and co-founder of The Peoples’ String Foundation, talks to NICK WHITE, producer, director and performer at Wassail Theatre

5th April – AVAILABLE NOW FILM, BOOK & BISCUIT – MATT EMENY, of Calf-to-Cow, talks to DEB RICHARDSON of Somerset Film and The Engine Room, Bridgwater

12th April – AVAILABLE NOW – BETTER LATE OR NEVER – EMMA BETTRIDGE, producer, dramaturg and children’s author, in conversation with WILL BOURDILLON, programmer at The Brewhouse

Finally, on Monday 3rd May – AVAILABLE NOW – ALTOGETHER NOW – EMMA BETTRIDGE will lead a conversation involving all those who participated in the podcasts. A conversation that will include consideration of any comments arising out of the series of podcasts.

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