What They’re Saying…

Vox pops, feedback, comments, notes left at box office…this is what people are saying about Richard Crowe|Over the Wall

Over the Wall Picking Apples

‘a good, strong, much-needed piece’

‘lovely rapport with the punters and such an honest, open conversation, definitely needs to be out there’

‘thought provoking, well-staged and executed’

‘a great piece of theatre, a brave and emotional performance, and a privilege to have shared’

‘so glad we came to see the show tonight Richard. It was very entertaining theatre and an awareness raising performance. Perfect. Thank you’

 ‘a totally engaging, extremely well performed piece that included so many thought provoking aspects of living with bipolar disorder, the suicide of a friend, the need to give support and be supported etc – modern life, really’

‘Dear Mr Crowe – thank you for your honesty and your pain. Watching and experiencing something so honest, painful and beautiful will never leave me. You cannot know what tonight has done for us. THANK YOU’

In Search of Cinderella

‘I was SO missing pantomimes, till now.’

‘Well done everyone. This was brilliant fun!’ *****

‘Thanks for the fun’

‘Fantastic job guys’

‘Such a lovely idea. Thank you for sharing

‘A wonderful show – thank you for lightening my evening’

‘Thoroughly made me laugh!’

‘We really enjoyed some virtual ‘live’ theatre. It really lightened our evening, a great watch for all the family’

‘What an amaaazing achievement to have created such a wonderful show with all the limitations going on at this time! Bravo to you all’

‘Thoroughly enjoyable! Well done’

‘Great idea! My 6 year old granddaughter really loved it…most I’ve seen her laugh in ages…so lovely to see her happy!’

‘What a triumph, fun and relevant. I felt like I was out at the theatre’

‘Enjoyed it. Well done guys’

‘Brilliant! We loved it! A huge well done and thank you for making this happen!

‘Love the theatre, well done for a great effort under very tough circumstances!’

‘It was absolutely brilliant! Thank you all so much xxx’

‘Can’t wait to get back to the theatres’

‘Thank you for the virtual pantomime (looking forward to watching live pantomime next year)’

‘Cinders…embers…ashes…and the phoenix rises again despite the ravages of the past year’